The Story

About amgad fahmi dubai based fashion commercial photographer

I didn't set out to be a photographer...

It just kind of happened. I suppose it's possible that it's what I do because maybe I dreamed of becoming an astronaut, or it could be that my mother told me you are an artist when I was young and I believed her :) ... I really can't tell you why for sure. What I can tell you is that I really love what I do and I invest a lot of time refining, perfecting and obsessing over my work and if someone came and told me that I had to give it up right now I would say never, I would not be able to as it makes me feel a live.

Let's agree that we need image for the many events and moments in our life… personal moments, shared moments, images to convey a message, memories to be cherished. As a photographer I came across a myriad of situations, personalities and challenges relating to the people I worked with and their own personal reasons for engaging me to do what I love. Some want to capture a moment in their life, to frame it, to look as beautiful in an image as they do inside…. Others want to capture images to use professionally, to communicate their product or organization in a way that captures the hearts and minds of their customers and is true to their intention…. Overall people want what they want and each person is different. Each and every project is different and I start with this in mind.

With the different needs and different natures of the people I work with, everyone communicates differently so I have to make sure I'm providing enough comfort environment that helps everyone reaching to the point of making their inner beauty shines. And here when the photo-shoot becomes fun with the result of beautiful images full of life and emotions.

Emotions, lighting, colors, clothes ... everyone of these make a difference in any picture if it's used in the right way. Some people look cool in colors, others look deep in black and white and almost everyone looks beautiful when they show their true self. My passion for my work and my deep desire to work closely with each person as an individual, to understand them and their needs and wants, this is what makes my work unique….

And because this page is about us, I need to share with you part of my life; I was born in Algeria and grew up in Egypt and now I live and work in Dubai.I work as a system engineer... Now this may come as a surprise to you as it is not usually related to Art or Photography but this is what happened as I started this little talk.

I am a people person, I connect with people, I talk and I listen to them and take their beautiful pictures while they are having a good time. That's why I would love to hear from you and have a conversation, to listen to what you want and to see if we can understand each other as without understanding taking a great picture is not possible. My contact details in the Contact page, I truly look forward to our conversation.