photography website


is been my passion for quite sometime now and I was using Facebook to show my work for everyone, and I realized recently that every time I posted a picture with a big engagement that some people keep asking me for my website plus I have found that a quite big number of people are not using Facebook.
Your photography website should act as a central point to your work, as nowadays publishing your work can go in many channels like Facebook, Behance, Flickr, 500px, etc. By the end people want to have a central point which they can find a brief about you, your best choices of your work, how they can communicate with you. And here is where your website plays its magical role.
I start working on my website 2 days back and have set the plan to be finished in a week, so I had to postponed all my other plans from shooting to find extra time as Photography not been my full time job so far.

Am planning to use the blog to share some of the things I have learned during my photography journey either its camera equipments and what was used in a shoot or retouching steps and recommendations with a showcase of before and after. Hope that would be useful to someone who is trying to find his way in photography.

What do you think !!!